Post Merger Integration (PMI) (Olympus, SIX Group)

"One plus one made more than two"

Thomas Pracht
Thomas Pracht
Managing Director
"IGI helped us to quickly and efficiently integrate our two Endoscopy Divisions, Surgical and Flexible. We were consequently able to realize efficiency potential and definitively make more than two out of one plus one.“

Olympus was faced with the challenge of merging the two Endoscopy Divisions - Surgical and Flexible, which both had different, inconsistent processes and separate organizations. In very little time a harmonized integrated business model, an integrated process model and a shared organizational structure had been established and comprehensive responsibilities had been put in place.

"IGI walks the talk"

Robert Bornträger
Robert Bornträger
(Division CEO
Global IT)
“With IGI as partner right from the beginning we successfully merged all IT related functions under one roof and created the SIX IT competence centre, i.e. the „Division Global IT“ (SIX DGI).”

SIX operates Switzerland’s financial market infrastructure and offers comprehensive services on a global scale in the areas of (a) Swiss Exchange, i.e. clearing and settlement (SIX DSX), (b) payment transactions (SIX DPS), as well as (c) financial information (SIX DFI) and (d) securities trading (SIX DSS). The company is owned by its users: approximately 130 banks of various size and orientation. SIX is the third "system-relevant" financial institution in Switzerland, alongside UBS and Credit Suisse.

The Executive Board of SIX decided to consolidate all IT related functions within one division, called „Division Global IT“ (SIX DGI) in order to enable the market divisions to focus entirely on their markets, clients, growth and to increase their competitiveness. This new division DGI should become a strong IT backbone, comprising all IT functions including architecture, software development, project management and operations.

For this endeavour IGI was our core partner right from the beginning and contributed significantly to the successful implementation of DGI. IGI defined the appropriate structural and methodical framework for each project phase and guided us through the different phases. IGI detected critical project situations early on and addressed them effectively. This was a fundamental pre-condition to master the big and delicate organizational change including the associated political traps.
IGI achieved that all relevant stakeholder groups bought into the new processes and structures by involving them into concept creation. The IT employees of the formerly separated IT functions developed jointly proposals for the new IT processes and org-structures. Their respective Managers reviewed, aligned and approved these in regular Review and Strategy Board sessions. This was a very successful approach !

Particularly useful was the close exchange with Dr. Hubert Weber (President and CEO) and his IGI-Scouts®. This has helped me and my leadership team to break through re-sistance and to lead the whole organization successfully through the ambitious transformation.




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