Business Model Innovation (T-Systems, BSH)

"With the support of IGI, T-Systems has become the European market leader for "Cloud Services""

Hartmut Wittig
Dr. Hartmut Wittig
(T-Systems, Vice President Portfolio & Solution Design IT)
"Together with IGI we set up a business unit providing clients with traditional and virtual hosting solutions. Meanwhile this "seed" developed itself over serveral steps to a "business family" with a wide range of cloud services which have since enjoyed worldwide recognition by our clients and leading research companies. While we were belittled in the first years, today we have satisfied customers, excellent employees and valuable partners. We have meanwhile introduced with "Open Telecom Cloud" our newest offering of innovative services.“

T-Systems started a new business area with the development of the segment "hosting". IGI developed the approach to generate a sound business concept under participation of all important players and under consideration of all significant levers. Furthermore, IGI conducted the EVA calculation and established a promising business case which was excelled considerably over time and which led to the "Dynamic Services" Portfolio Family.

Meanwhile T-Systems is one of the global market leaders in cloud computing.

"Initiation of a paradigm shift"

Gerd Ocker
Gerd Ocker (BSH, Director Regional Distribution D, A, LUX, B)
"Together with IGI we managed to improve our customer orientation in the logistic area by offering new services and to start a paradigm shift with it. In the IGI-Lab® we identified value-added-services and subsequently implemented them successfully as pilots.“

BSH started the “sales initiative” to increase turnover. For the logistic area this initiative meant the challenge to improve customer orientation and to initiate a paradigm shift by introducing value-added-services. The target was to realize this without any cost increase. Together with selected employees of BSH, IGI identified new services which contributed significantly to service improvement and to the augmentation of customer loyalty.


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