Programs for Increasing Efficiency and Effectiveness (Emirates, Swiss Re, DB Systel)

"Performance increase and customer orientation"

Patrick Naef
Patrick Naef
(Emirates Group IT, CIO)
"The journey that we have started with our Phoenix Project puts us in the right direction and helps us to create real added value.
Emirates Group IT has, without a shadow of a doubt, become one of the best rated IT organizations in the region. Phoenix and its success were only facilitated by our ambitious and dedicated partner, IGI.“

The rapidly growing airline company, Emirates Airline, just cannot be stopped! Forecasts predict that it will be the biggest airline in the world in 2025. Of course this will only be possible if the company's IT support also grows accordingly. IGI helped CIO Patrick Naef to get an IT organization, which was bordering on the chaotic with bad performance and numerous failures and faults, fit and into shape. Within just nine months the IT had been re-positioned in the company, interfaces to the customer had been re-designed, efficiency and service quality were improved immensely with the introduction of continuous processes and transparent responsibilities. The success achieved was acknowledged both internally and externally: Customer satisfaction rose significantly, "No 1 & 2 (severity) Incidents" in production fell by 90% within a year, and the project helped Emirates Group IT to win the "Middle East CIO 20 Award", in the three following years, which distinguishes the 20 best organizations using IT innovatively and contributing significantly to the value generation of the company. Patrick Naef received several rewards in his position as CIO, e.g. he was elected as "CIO of the Decade" by the German magazine "CIO".


"IGI is the
guarantor to achieve planned objektives on time, on budget and above expectations!"

Stefan Sieger
Stefan Sieger
(Managing Director
Group Operations,
Head Customer Experience & Digital Delivery, Swiss Re)

Our Journey to increase the service experience and value for our costomers:

IT Customer Service wanted to become the natural "First Point of Contact" for all Swiss Re employees for IT services

At the start towards increasing customer experience we faced two challenges: a) we felt unable to fulfil our customer’s ever increasing expectations and b) our services were missing global consistency, effectiveness, efficiency, flexibility and transparency.

In an approach, designed and driven by IGI, we built and strengthened our capabilities to deliver better IT services. This included realignment of key processes, responsibilities & organization, refinement of the service catalogue and deliverables, increase of "customer care" capabilities and mindset.

All this was achieved by a joint team Swiss Re and IGI. IGI ensured high speed, high level of commitment, early successes & enabled the organization to fully leverage its potential.


Four years later we extended our capabilities to Logistics and HR services besides IT.

However a “health check” conducted by IGI indicated room for improvement, to be exploited before onboarding further services.

The health-check showed service delivery issues risking customer dissatisfaction, unclear roles & responsibilities and Service Mgt. Practice not yet adequately defined.

In a series of workshops (run jointly with our new partners) we established clear processes and roles, clarifying the collaboration between all partners, built an effecive Service Mgt. Practice and established an adequate org-structure for the extended Customer Service function.

IGI helped us with the right approach and methods to achieve all this in a rather short time. As a side effect, we came from a “us and them” to a “collaborative spirit” with our partners.


"Productivity increase by  >300%"

Detlef D. Exner
Detlef D. Exner
(DB Systel, CEO)
"We re-aligned our organization with the help of IGI and the IGI-Lab® method. The outstanding work provided the basis for the success story that followed. In the three years after the project we increased productivity by +304%, while reducing costs by 30% at the same time.“

Deutsche Bahn's IT Division was faced with the challenge of merging and making two IT organizations, which had been operating independently of one another, more efficient and more customer-oriented.

IGI supported DB Systems and its Managing Director, Mr. Detlef E. Exner, for ten months in significantly increasing IT efficiency, improving IT speed and quality, creating a customer-oriented IT organization, establishing standardized and transparent responsibility structures, and increasing overall employee and customer satisfaction. This was only made possible in this short time by the IGI-Lab® method, because it systematically cleared system-inherent conflicts between departments out of the way in the preliminary stage and helped to mobilize employees for the transformation of two extremely rigid, inefficient IT units into a competitive and customer-oriented IT organization.


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