Project Management

Making projects successful in superior style

Forces such as globalization, increasing change and growing competition require an increasing amount of project work in companies. Project management will therefore become an even more important success factor. At the same time increasing project work also brings new challenges, such as resource rivalry between operative business and projects, double workload, increasing complexity and the management of entire project landscapes.

Against the backdrop of these requirements, companies must professionalize their project management. This is because on the one hand it must be ensured that operative business is not endangered by project work, and on the other hand projects must be managed so that they provide the biggest possible contribution to positive results.

IGI helps companies to professionalize their project management. We are typically active in the following areas:

  • Multi-project management setup and project management standardization
  • Design and management of complex projects
  • Re-alignment of "ailing" projects
  • Mentoring for project managers



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