Programs for Increasing Efficiency and Effectiveness

Realising potentials fast and in a sustainable way

IGI's thesis is: Most companies only utilize 10-15% of their potential, i.e. there is enormous room for improvement. Programs for increasing efficiency and effectiveness aim for rapid achievement of more output with the same resources. Typical leverages used here include:


Business Model Innovation

Actively change the game

Business model innovation is one of the most effective options for a company to make it stand out from others, and therefore secure revenue sources in the future. This involves setting up a strategy of being consistently and determinately different to all other players in the field.


Strategic Re-alignment and Positioning

Implementing quickly and effectively

Change just keeps getting faster. Companies therefore have to check and adjust the strategic alignment of their organization more and more often. The objective is to increase efficiency and effectiveness and be perceived differently on the market. Typical indications of the need to adjust include:

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