Programs for Increasing Efficiency and Effectiveness

Realising potentials fast and in a sustainable way

IGI's thesis is: Most companies only utilize 10-15% of their potential, i.e. there is enormous room for improvement. Programs for increasing efficiency and effectiveness aim for rapid achievement of more output with the same resources. Typical leverages used here include:

  • Optimization of processes and organization
  • Automation and use of tools
  • Consolidation of IT systems
  • Product/market coverage optimization
  • Focusing resources on the greatest potential, e.g. sales resources on growth potential
  • Integration and cooperation of sales channels/forces
  • Management alignment and team development

A program for increasing efficiency and effectiveness always begins with a brief transparency phase in which the greatest improvement potential is identified. A holistic basic concept must then be developed, which is successively detailed and realized via piloting/implementation.

This kind of program typically lasts 2 to 6 months, and will already produce performance increases of 20 to 30% in the first year.




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