Workshop “Digital Transformation”

Bring your Management team and your digital transformation activities on track - Check-Point, Sharpening, Acceleration, Inspiration!

Using a 2 day modular workshop concept, we want to help corporations to develop digitalization knowledge, verify and sharpen the taken direction as well as to think “out-of-the-box” and to accelerate the transformation.

Possible objectives and topics for the Workshop


  • Experienced IGI-Scouts® plan and accompany your individual Workshop “Digital Transformation” on the basis of proven workshop modules
  • Expert presentations, case studies and innovative methods ensure knowledge building and development of fruitful results
  • Intensive pre-discussions and alignment of objectives and agenda ensure the right focal points for you


Our Study “Die or transform digital” indicates that only few companies are on a really good track for digital transformation. Companies miss often adequate digitalization know-how, their thinking is trapped in the past or the focus is strongly on technology. A real transformation of the enterprise is not happening.


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